Wednesday, January 15, 2014

In case anyone actually read this blog and wondered what happened to the resale business it went to heck in a hurry when the show storage wars aired. The weekend before it aired there were 6 people art the storage unit auction and we all new each other. The weekend after it aired there were 250 people (no exaggeration) waiting in line to look at and bid on the storage units. They were also bidding 4 times the amount you could possibly make selling the contents hoping to get the drawer or sock full of gold someone forgot about. We have spent several weekends and considerable time on e bay and craigslist selling off the rest of what we acquired. We spent the winter of 2012-2013 at the Dallas Arlington KOA working as the maintenance manager and housekeeping and grounds and office departments, since grandma is getting up there in years we decided to stay through the summer season too. She is going to be 99 10/2013 so we stayed put to make things easier on her. Had a great summer building mowing gardening and escorting. Nice park 16 acres in the middle of town close to 6 flags and Cowboy Stadium plus a few other attractions. We left there September of 2013 to go to Reno NV so I could accept a Job at they pay for camping and a good wage with mandatory OT I couldn't turn down the money or the opportunity to work at something different for a while. We towed our trailer 7x14 enclosed behind the 5th wheel from Dallas to Reno, not any fun, rough ride and slow travels average speed 60 mph so we are selling more stuff and condensing so we can sell the trailer, went to the Reno flea market at the local drive in theater and it turned out to be the best flea market we have been to. Going to brag a little $700.00 in one Sunday. We will go back at least one more Sunday to finish selling what we can before the weather turns too cold. This job will last until 12/23/2013 then we are going into CA for the rest of the winter maybe Santa Cruz. Haven't locked down that deal yet. Then we would like to head up the west coast toward Washington as Cheri hasn't been there yet. OK the Job at Amazon ended up being extended until 1/15/2014, it was a lot of hours, mostly because if they asked if anyone wanted to work I said yes, it took about 2 weeks for my feet to quit throbbing every time I sat down but they got used to being stomped on 10-12 hours at a time. I was able to do several different jobs, stowing, picking, consolidating, water spidering. Next peak season I'm going to get certified to run the pit (fork lift) trucks so I can do that too. I like to be able to move around and do different things it saves from getting bored, LOL The only part of the job I don't like is getting up at 4:30am to be to work on time with a 6:00am start time although we do get off at 4:30pm. We did lock down the Job at the Santa Cruz KOA through Sept. Then we are going to work at Amazon next season again. So far the area & weather are amazing, The park Manager is a very nice guy, happy full of smiles. We have had a nice week to get acclimated to the park & the area.

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