Wednesday, January 15, 2014

In case anyone actually read this blog and wondered what happened to the resale business it went to heck in a hurry when the show storage wars aired. The weekend before it aired there were 6 people art the storage unit auction and we all new each other. The weekend after it aired there were 250 people (no exaggeration) waiting in line to look at and bid on the storage units. They were also bidding 4 times the amount you could possibly make selling the contents hoping to get the drawer or sock full of gold someone forgot about. We have spent several weekends and considerable time on e bay and craigslist selling off the rest of what we acquired. We spent the winter of 2012-2013 at the Dallas Arlington KOA working as the maintenance manager and housekeeping and grounds and office departments, since grandma is getting up there in years we decided to stay through the summer season too. She is going to be 99 10/2013 so we stayed put to make things easier on her. Had a great summer building mowing gardening and escorting. Nice park 16 acres in the middle of town close to 6 flags and Cowboy Stadium plus a few other attractions. We left there September of 2013 to go to Reno NV so I could accept a Job at they pay for camping and a good wage with mandatory OT I couldn't turn down the money or the opportunity to work at something different for a while. We towed our trailer 7x14 enclosed behind the 5th wheel from Dallas to Reno, not any fun, rough ride and slow travels average speed 60 mph so we are selling more stuff and condensing so we can sell the trailer, went to the Reno flea market at the local drive in theater and it turned out to be the best flea market we have been to. Going to brag a little $700.00 in one Sunday. We will go back at least one more Sunday to finish selling what we can before the weather turns too cold. This job will last until 12/23/2013 then we are going into CA for the rest of the winter maybe Santa Cruz. Haven't locked down that deal yet. Then we would like to head up the west coast toward Washington as Cheri hasn't been there yet. OK the Job at Amazon ended up being extended until 1/15/2014, it was a lot of hours, mostly because if they asked if anyone wanted to work I said yes, it took about 2 weeks for my feet to quit throbbing every time I sat down but they got used to being stomped on 10-12 hours at a time. I was able to do several different jobs, stowing, picking, consolidating, water spidering. Next peak season I'm going to get certified to run the pit (fork lift) trucks so I can do that too. I like to be able to move around and do different things it saves from getting bored, LOL The only part of the job I don't like is getting up at 4:30am to be to work on time with a 6:00am start time although we do get off at 4:30pm. We did lock down the Job at the Santa Cruz KOA through Sept. Then we are going to work at Amazon next season again. So far the area & weather are amazing, The park Manager is a very nice guy, happy full of smiles. We have had a nice week to get acclimated to the park & the area.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Trip from TN to AZ

When it came time to leave MI we put the Lincoln on craigs list and it didn't sell so we drove it along toward the 127 yard sale. We ran in to a couple while eating at Big Boy that wanted the car in the worst way but after a 1 day delay and boon-docking in their yard they couldn't come up with the money so we went on to the 127 yard sale. We did end up selling the Lincoln before moving on toward TN.

127 Yard Sale, we set up on the Steepleview Farm site at the corner of 127 and KY 1316 just south of I71. It was a very nice site lots of space to set up and lots of parking for customers (we even had 1 tour bus stop) we did very well there and we plan on going there again next year. We did drive down 127 on the way home to TN. And as far as we went down 127 we didn't find a better site to set up.

Well we finally got back to TN for a few doctors appointments and to hang out for a while with friends. We decided after the 127 sale that instead of going to small flea markets every weekend we would save up for the bigger ones that happen around the country. We will still probably buy a pallet from the wholesale place to sell on e bay over the winter.

Next stage of our trek was to New Mexico to visit with a friend of mine on the way to Arizona to stay for the winter. We went the northern route so we could stop in Pueblo CO and look into some genealogy for the family history my Aunt is putting together. The trip from Pueblo to Aztec New Mexico was a very beautiful drive through the mountains but it was a slow go with 35' of gas engine motor home with a 14' enclosed trailer behind it. On the way down the mountain the brakes overheated and we had to stop at the lookout point half way down and ended up boon-docking there for the night. When we got to Aztec I had to put new front pads on the motor home and we were lucky enough to find an auto parts store that would deliver the pads to the camp ground where we are staying.

Replacing the brakes went off without a hitch, the front stabilizer jack was plenty strong enough to lift the front of the MH. I did give it a little more travel with a couple of wood blocks.

We visited the Aztec Ruins just down the street it displays some great architecture, especially considering they were here from 7 – 900 AD.

We also managed to tool around town (at least the places we wanted to get to) on the golf cart. We haven't seen any others which probably explains the strange looks we get from some people but they are all nice and courteous.

We have relatives coming down from Denver, (we tried to hook up when we were in Pueblo but it didn't happen so they are coming down for the weekend).

Then we are off to Prescott Valley for about a week, then down to Black Canon City where we will Work Camp for the winter. We will be close enough to Phoenix to get stuff from our storage unit and sell it of fit it in the trailer so it is with us.

Black Canyon Rivers Edge park turned out to be a pit (but it is half price for every place else we called) and it's still way too hot to be this close to the valley. We are considering going north to Slide Rock and look for work up there!!!! Cheri read about a job as a tour driver for jeep and hummer tours (right up my alley) I've built about a dozen trucks and been off roading in every type of terrain.

We ended up finding a work camping job for the winter in Black Canyon City Across the expressway from Rivers Edge for Black Canyon City KOA although it was fortunate for us the reason we got the job was because one of their regular campers hurt their back and couldn't make it, I hope they get well soon. So far it has been a very nice work kamping experience. We will have to find part time jobs if the resale business doesn't pick up some so we have extra cash.

We have our resale shop set up in the other half of my sisters grooming shop (Animal Arts LLC) and are trying to avoid halving to go to flea markets in the heat (100 – 110). We are trying to attract more business for her too.

We haven't decided yet if we are going back east in the spring or staying here.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Summer trip to Michigan to visit Family & Friends

Finally Headed out on the big trip for June and July. Waited at home for an extra day for a remodel job that didn't pan out and for our tax license to come in the mail,(they told us it would be there by the first of the week and of course it came at the end of the week in the mail the day after we left) so now we are in the process of having it faxed. You know getting our schedule and being somewhere so someone from home can send it out while we are there.

It's Friday afternoon (waiting for the mail man who was of course running behind this day) and the first place we went was to the 100 mile sale on route 52 in TN, (starting from Lafayette TN and stretching100 mile west) very unique, although similar to the 127 yard sale (much more well known) except on route 52. In front of public land only you can pull off the road and set up at no cost and sell what you brought. There are a few local land and business owners that will let you set up on there property for a fee but you need to show up early probably Thursday afternoon.

It was a little noisy staying the night (imagine being broken down on the side of the road and trying to sleep there while waiting to be rescued and you get the picture) the next part I don't recommend, (but you do what you have to) is to put everything back in the trailer and drive 3 hours to the next flea market for Sunday and sleep in there parking lot until the venders get you up (at 6am)(5am for us because of the time change) find a spot and set up again. Whew are we tired thank goodness when Monday rolled around we could sleep in.

The next process is to find stuff on the road to buy and r- sell, we were going to buy a pallet but our license didn't come in time so we will probably do that on the way back through in August because of location of the warehouse.

First we found a storage unit sale and only 2 of the 8 units were worth buying and one of those was a 10X25 unit we couldn't have fit in our 7X14 trailer even if it was empty and the other was close to the same size with some nice newer tools and a few things we could have sold but this unit also included a safe the size of a Volkswagen. (no way to move it not sure what we would have done with it).

The next step was to find a local auction house when we got there we found it was owned by one of the people we were bidding against at the storage unit auction the day before. He had some very nice antique furniture but that wasn't the type of stuff we were looking for so we moved on.

Next we are boon-docking in a wal*mart parking lot, it is way more fun and a lot less scary than you would ever think it was. Thank goodness for the curtains you can pull. P.S. Didn't stop for gas before we parked and the generator won't run when the fuel tank is under a ¼. No electricity and no A/C. (looking up the cost to convert the generator to pro pain cheaper to fill and even with boon-docking, having the fridge on and showering and doing dishes the pro pain tank has lasted a lot longer than expected. Plus pro pain burns cleaner than gasoline & with the rig only getting 10 MPG at the best the thoughts of anything taking fuel from the tank makes me have a twitch. LOL!!

We found storage unit auctions close both Wednesday ans Thursday, all the credit goes to Cheri she is very diligent searching for this stuff so we will see what we get.

We went to Wednesdays auction and there was some good stuff (only 2 units) but we were outbid.

We moved on to the next storage unit auction site and found another wal*mart to stay at. we spent the rest of the day catching up on things that needed to be done. The first storage unit auction starts at 9:30 Thursday am.

The goal for now is to set up at Traders World flea market in Oh next the the big statue of Jesus with his arms outstretch near I75 between Cincinnati and Dayton OH for Memorial Weekend.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

First real trip doing re-sale to pay for it.

We went to Ohio from TN to do some geniology research, we stopped at a local auction house and bought a few things to re-sell, then on the way back stopped at flea land in bowling green KY.

While we were out we boondocked at a few different Wal-Marts wich was not only fun but felt totally safe, we were surrounded by other boondockers and a semi or 2.

If we made it to the Wal-Mart early enough there was even a little time to get to meet some of the others and of course if you need anything the store is very convienent(the point of them letting you stay there).

As far as selling at the Flea Market it went farely well considering it was really the first nice weekend. the people there are really nice and very helpfull. they even let us plug in while we were staying the weekend there.

While searching for things to buy and re-sell we found a wholesale company that sells pallets of several kinds of merchandise to people in this type of business, but they are in PA (maybe good for you but we are in TN and headed for AZ for the winter) (they will ship again better if you were closer) so we did a little more searching and found one locally in TN (sorry keeping this one for myself for now). I'm pretty sure our local auction house gets a lot of there stuff from one of these places(they can afford to buy a semi load at a time- for now we have to stick to a pallet or two).

The thing that I still haven't figured out is what people want. We carry quite a choice of new and pre-owned things for people buy, although tools seem to bring the most attention and every man who walks buy has to pick up hold and shake a hammer, if he has a woman with him she has to remind him he has a garage or shed full of tools and doesn't need any more so they don't move as much as I thought they would. My conclusion for this pondarable question is it's not possible to figure what the people want to buy, so don't try just carry what you want of get the best deals on and it will go just not when or to whome you thought it would sell to.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Starting a Re-Sale business

The Biggest hurdle to starting our re-sale business was finding a true wholesale source for products for our site

One of the best sources we have found is your local town auction house and the best way to find them we have found is

There are other sources of course depending on what you want to sell the easiest way to search for them is also the simplest and that is to type the word "wholesale" in your favorite search engine.