Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Summer trip to Michigan to visit Family & Friends

Finally Headed out on the big trip for June and July. Waited at home for an extra day for a remodel job that didn't pan out and for our tax license to come in the mail,(they told us it would be there by the first of the week and of course it came at the end of the week in the mail the day after we left) so now we are in the process of having it faxed. You know getting our schedule and being somewhere so someone from home can send it out while we are there.

It's Friday afternoon (waiting for the mail man who was of course running behind this day) and the first place we went was to the 100 mile sale on route 52 in TN, (starting from Lafayette TN and stretching100 mile west) very unique, although similar to the 127 yard sale (much more well known) except on route 52. In front of public land only you can pull off the road and set up at no cost and sell what you brought. There are a few local land and business owners that will let you set up on there property for a fee but you need to show up early probably Thursday afternoon.

It was a little noisy staying the night (imagine being broken down on the side of the road and trying to sleep there while waiting to be rescued and you get the picture) the next part I don't recommend, (but you do what you have to) is to put everything back in the trailer and drive 3 hours to the next flea market for Sunday and sleep in there parking lot until the venders get you up (at 6am)(5am for us because of the time change) find a spot and set up again. Whew are we tired thank goodness when Monday rolled around we could sleep in.

The next process is to find stuff on the road to buy and r- sell, we were going to buy a pallet but our license didn't come in time so we will probably do that on the way back through in August because of location of the warehouse.

First we found a storage unit sale and only 2 of the 8 units were worth buying and one of those was a 10X25 unit we couldn't have fit in our 7X14 trailer even if it was empty and the other was close to the same size with some nice newer tools and a few things we could have sold but this unit also included a safe the size of a Volkswagen. (no way to move it not sure what we would have done with it).

The next step was to find a local auction house when we got there we found it was owned by one of the people we were bidding against at the storage unit auction the day before. He had some very nice antique furniture but that wasn't the type of stuff we were looking for so we moved on.

Next we are boon-docking in a wal*mart parking lot, it is way more fun and a lot less scary than you would ever think it was. Thank goodness for the curtains you can pull. P.S. Didn't stop for gas before we parked and the generator won't run when the fuel tank is under a ¼. No electricity and no A/C. (looking up the cost to convert the generator to pro pain cheaper to fill and even with boon-docking, having the fridge on and showering and doing dishes the pro pain tank has lasted a lot longer than expected. Plus pro pain burns cleaner than gasoline & with the rig only getting 10 MPG at the best the thoughts of anything taking fuel from the tank makes me have a twitch. LOL!!

We found storage unit auctions close both Wednesday ans Thursday, all the credit goes to Cheri she is very diligent searching for this stuff so we will see what we get.

We went to Wednesdays auction and there was some good stuff (only 2 units) but we were outbid.

We moved on to the next storage unit auction site and found another wal*mart to stay at. we spent the rest of the day catching up on things that needed to be done. The first storage unit auction starts at 9:30 Thursday am.

The goal for now is to set up at Traders World flea market in Oh next the the big statue of Jesus with his arms outstretch near I75 between Cincinnati and Dayton OH for Memorial Weekend.

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