Thursday, April 22, 2010

First real trip doing re-sale to pay for it.

We went to Ohio from TN to do some geniology research, we stopped at a local auction house and bought a few things to re-sell, then on the way back stopped at flea land in bowling green KY.

While we were out we boondocked at a few different Wal-Marts wich was not only fun but felt totally safe, we were surrounded by other boondockers and a semi or 2.

If we made it to the Wal-Mart early enough there was even a little time to get to meet some of the others and of course if you need anything the store is very convienent(the point of them letting you stay there).

As far as selling at the Flea Market it went farely well considering it was really the first nice weekend. the people there are really nice and very helpfull. they even let us plug in while we were staying the weekend there.

While searching for things to buy and re-sell we found a wholesale company that sells pallets of several kinds of merchandise to people in this type of business, but they are in PA (maybe good for you but we are in TN and headed for AZ for the winter) (they will ship again better if you were closer) so we did a little more searching and found one locally in TN (sorry keeping this one for myself for now). I'm pretty sure our local auction house gets a lot of there stuff from one of these places(they can afford to buy a semi load at a time- for now we have to stick to a pallet or two).

The thing that I still haven't figured out is what people want. We carry quite a choice of new and pre-owned things for people buy, although tools seem to bring the most attention and every man who walks buy has to pick up hold and shake a hammer, if he has a woman with him she has to remind him he has a garage or shed full of tools and doesn't need any more so they don't move as much as I thought they would. My conclusion for this pondarable question is it's not possible to figure what the people want to buy, so don't try just carry what you want of get the best deals on and it will go just not when or to whome you thought it would sell to.

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